Female Youth Motivational Speakers

Female Youth Speaker

There is a shortage of motivational speakers for young females. Every year, schools and conferences hire speakers but the majority of speakers to choose from are primarily men.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with male speakers but students should hear messages from various speakers, especially women. Unless it’s an all-male school, the population will likely be 50% female, so female speakers would be great.

If you’re a female and you long to become a speaker for youth, please train yourself to make it happen. Students NEED to hear your message and schools want a pool of women to choose from. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you’re a female speaker, you can break into the speaking industry pretty quick…and you know it!

The reason is pretty simple: you’ve the research and you see the shortage of female speakers online.

There are reasons why certain industries lack male or female presence, but the speaking industry is one that embraces both equally. So why so few women? For the most part, the speaking business can be unpredictable and seasonal. Not only that but if a woman has a child, she may want to stay close to home, especially during the nurturing years. However, this is a huge myth. I know female speakers and this is actually the reason they are speakers, so they can spend MORE time with their children.

Think about working for a second. A typical job has a person going into work every day, except weekends, all year long with two weeks off for vacation. If you choose the speaking career and let’s say you speak at 30 events in a calendar year, then it’s likely you will be away from home 30-40 days of the year depending on locations for each gig. Then you’re home with you’re family 325 days out of the year. It’s a no-brainer profession for females.

A first step is to learn how to become a female youth motivational speaker for schools and leadership conferences. Take a speaker training course. The shortage of women in the industry will actually work in your favor. Not only that but you’ll be making a huge impact in the lives of young girls everywhere.

Brainstorm topics that you wish you would’ve received information on when you were a school-age girl and research best practices on those topics. Also work on how to relate to young girls. For example, when I speak to an audience, I picture them as my younger brothers and sisters. I make them laugh but ultimately I motivate them to make positive choices.

Calling all females…there’s no better time than now to enter the speaking industry. Your message is dying to be heard by a little girl somewhere.