Are You Called To Speak?

Speaking to Students

Speaking is a calling that few people answer. Those called to speak will do whatever necessary to share their message.

There is no other feeling that can compare to that of a student walking up to you after a presentation to tell you that your message is exactly what they needed to hear. If you don’t think your message can save a life, think again, and be ready for students to tell you that your story changed their life. Those words will fuel your passion for getting your message out to more students.

When you have a calling on your life to speak to young people, it’s difficult to shake. Many have full-time jobs that they go to on a weekly basis and their souls are empty because they don’t come alive until they are able to impact the lives of young people.

When you are called to speak, you must train yourself to do the work you are called to do. This is why I recommend people go through the Youth Speaker University training program. You must prepare yourself to answer the calling on your life.

People spend thousands of dollars going to college, taking courses that don’t line up with the calling on their lives only to regret it. You cannot lose by getting proper training in an area where you are passionate. The skills that you will attain will help you in any business.

I recommend that you run towards your calling, youth are depending on your next move.