Top Bullying Speaker For Schools | Motivational

Are you looking for the best bullying speaker to come to your school and speak to your students? Look no further, because Fabian is the top speaker in the nation that addresses this topic. Watch the speaking demo video above to see how students react to his program.

Students go crazy for him because he’s so authentic. Plus he uses humor throughout to hook his audience and once he has them, he empowers them with an inspiring message. He teaches simple truths like the Golden Rule. Students learn how to respond to bullies and actually make them your friend. Then he lands his presentation on the importance of education. Having a Masters has given him the platform to address the issue. His schedule fills quickly so contact his booking manager and invite him to speak at your next youth event.

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Stopping Bullying in School | Anti-Bully

Bullying is an epidemic that has plagued us for so long that many educators now feel helpless and apathetic towards the issue. Stopping bullying in school just seems impossible, which unfortunately leaves most Anti-Bullying programs grossly inadequate.

Anti-Bullying Speaker

Anti-Bullying Speaker

This does not have to be the destiny of your school. There is hope, actually not just hope, but proven techniques that really do make a dramatically positive impact in the lives of students who are lucky enough to have a school administration who utilize them.

So what really makes the difference? There are three things you can do today to completely transform the emotional and physical safety of your school.

Initially, the adults need to stop turning a blind eye to what is really going on. Immediate intervention is an absolute necessity.

Progressively, follow up with the victim of the bullying in an inconspicuous way. Most students don’t want to report bullying because they are afraid the bullying will get worse if they tell an adult. Let them know that you will keep a close eye on them and will follow through to make sure it doesn’t continue.

Ultimately, educate your students in a way that really touches them on a deeper and more personal level and helps them understand exactly what bullying does. Get the bullying issues out in the open in a non-threatening way that combines humor, motivation and personal experiences.

The first two you can do on your own, but you will need help with the third technique. Fortunately, Motivational Youth Speaker and prior bullying victim, Fabian Ramirez is an expert in this field.

Having experienced and overcome bullying in his life, he has the ability to talk about this topic in a way few others can. He has the amazing ability to seize the attention of the students, get them laughing and understanding at the same time. He allows students to relate to him through the telling of his experiences and ways to combat bullying on their own level so they can leave feeling empowered.

No longer will you just be combating bullying at the educator level, after having bullying speaker Fabian Ramirez come and teach your students, you’ll give the entire student body the ability to stop bullying at its roots. Bullies will stop as more by-standers step in and stand up for the victims.

You do not have to let bullying stay a problem in your school. Book Fabian to speak at your next school event.

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Booking a Youth Motivational Speaker for Your School Assembly

Youth Motivational Speakers

Youth Motivational Speakers

With many members of the youth currently neglecting their social responsibilities, it is no wonder why more and more schools are looking to get youth motivational speakers to come to their assemblies. Motivational speakers can now be hired directly from various organizations or online companies. Using a unique approach to bridge the gap between adults and the members of the youth, these speakers aim to discuss different issues to the young members of the society.

Nowadays, most youth motivational speakers are also members of the younger generation to make sure that it is easier for them to communicate with their audience. These speakers educate their audience by helping them make the right decisions in life. One of the most talked about topics in such assemblies pertains to drug abuse and child rebellion. A huge demographic of the youth is currently struggling with drug addiction or rebellion against their parents or other family members. With the help of a single speech, these people are enlightened about the consequences that they will face should they continue to live their life without thinking of their actions. Continue reading

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How To Become A Motivational Speaker

So you want to know how to become a youth motivational speaker?

Speaking to audiences doesn’t sound like a fun job to most Americans. Why? The number one fear in America today is public speaking. The number two fear is to die. The running joke is that people would rather be laying in a casket than having to give the eulogy at a funeral. Still for many speaking would be a rewarding career because of the impact you can have on the lives of people.

Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker

A true speaker can capture an audience and take them on a rollercoaster ride emotionally. A youth speaker can attain young people’s attention and impact their lives so that they walk away making wiser choices.

There is not a one way road to becoming a youth motivational speaker. In fact it’s probably the opposite because you will find two way streets and many with forks in the road. But as a youth speaker you must be ready to hang on for the ride.

If you have set your mind on becoming a speaker here are some suggestions that are often overlooked when starting out.  5 tips to keep in mind when you are starting your speaking career:

1.  Make sure you feel called to help young people. If you are in this for the money, please do us a favor and get an office job. But if you truly want to help people, start off doing it for free until you get your feet wet and then start charging. You’ll get more bookings when you don’t charge. Continue reading

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Youth Motivational Speaker Myths

Three Myths about Being a Youth Motivational Speaker

Speaking to Youth

Speaking to Youth

There are many issues you have to deal with as a youth motivational speaker.  The job has a lot of misconceptions that some people think it’s not something that could be considered a serious profession.  Little did they know that motivational speaking takes a lot of effort and training too. Like other jobs, it could be very stressful especially when you experience second-hand trauma from the individuals you get to know more personally. Sort of like a Chaplain, sometimes the counselor needs counseling.

The first myth about being a youth motivational speaker is this: Motivation is all you need.  You can not inspire people by simply being inspired yourself.  It that’s the case, then a lot of individuals must be rich and happy now.  As a speaker, it is your duty to be knowledgeable about what you are doing, as well as the things that you are talking about.  You can not just have the “spark”, you need to have great things in your brain too.  After all, speaking involves thousands of words.  If you don’t have a good investment in your head, then your career is definitely going downhill. Continue reading

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Youth Motivational Speaker

How do schools motivate youth?

So, do you want to know what  middle and high schools do to keep their students motivated? The staff hires youth motivational speakers to inspire their students. A speaker gets in front of a school assembly and gives a special message and shares stories that move students to action. Schools bring in speakers about once every semester, sometimes many times depending on the school budget.

Where to find youth speakers?

Find a youth speakerEvent planners can visit a speakers bureau online and look through a directory of youth motivational speakers that they can hire. Some speakers are celebrities or used to be famous athletes. These speakers however can charge thousands for a single keynote message. If you are going to spend thousands to bring in a keynote speaker, it’s better to go through a bureau.

If you do a search online for youth speakers you will find self-promoters that you can personally contact. Some will even put their own phone numbers and personal email. Self promoting speakers are the easiest to hire because they are wanting to fill up their calendars and they often give schools a break if they can speak to several schools within a given time frame. Continue reading

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